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2012-06-04 at 2:50PM

LETTER: Injured and nowhere to go

Fred Kaschuk, Toronto

To the editor,

I’ve just read the article on your site (Horrific Results: WSIB hurting the workers it’s supposed to help) and I am writing to ask if anyone can advise me on my situation?

I am a 57-year-old man and throughout my working career I have been injured on the job multiple times. In '92 I injured my low back and right knee at the sac me time.

My Doctor discounted my knee injury saying that the knee pain was a result of the low back injury and no claim was made on my behalf.WSIB is giving me a small monthly pension for my back.

Secondly; a year ago, I pulled my rotator-cuff on my right shoulder. I went on WSIB, but between the WSIB's RTW specialist and my workplace, I had no choice but to return to work while I was still injured.

After returning to work (about three weeks), the company issued me a temporary layoff notice that expired after thirteen weeks. I was then permanently terminated.

My rotator-cuff is still injured and is getting worse. I have since applied for CPP disability as I cannot return to work as my back injury has worsened and the knee injury which everyone discounted now needs a full replacement.

I am barely mobile and live in constant acute pain and my mental state is a shambles. I am in my final appeal with CPP disability and have long run out of any income.

Is there any way that I could go back to the WSIB to complete my rehab to my shoulder? Or does anyone know what recourse I have regarding something that I could be collecting?

Is there anything for these injuries since I have completely stopped working? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Fred Kaschuk,
Toronto, Ontario


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