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2012-06-06 at 10:29AM

LETTER: Are provincial dollars really needed?

Jon Hutt, Thunder Bay

Is it right for the City of Thunder Bay to plead financial hardship due to the sewage treatment plant failure even if it has tens of millions of dollars in the Renew Thunder Bay fund?

Is the province obligated to spend its dollars to bail out city administration?

I do not believe so. 

I know city administrators would love nothing better.  It takes the heat off of them and relieves their

I believe the City of Thunder Bay should help its citizens on its own until it becomes apparent that we can no longer afford to do so.  We are a grown up city. We have money.  It is a bit embarrassing to be asking for charity after only a 100mm rainfall event. 

Maybe we have become so dependant on provincial handouts that we have forgotten how to stand on our own two feet. 

It is time we did. It is time we take responsibility for our city.  It belongs to us, not the Ontario government.

Jon Hutt,
Thunder Bay



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