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2013-01-11 at NOON

LETTER: Something needs to change

By Bob Smith, Thunder Bay
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To the editor:

As a long time fan, you reach a point where you have had enough of all of the politics of hockey. 

The removal of Thomas Frazee was final; as a non-profit group (private company), they do not share critical decisions with anyone but themselves.

We, the fans deserve more than “this is an internal issue.” 

We fill the rink every game. We buy the hats, clothing, bling. And it would be a sad day if we decided to stay home, but it may take that for the “owners” to wake up. 

They do not deserve our support or trust.  As things stand now, they do not deserve to be the main tenant in a new facility.

After firing Coach Sherban, and promoting Mike Busniuk (for whom I have the utmost respect) the team still leads the league in penalty minutes (380). Western is at 184 as of December.  Guys, you can’t compete from the penalty box; you can’t score while warming your butt!

In closing, maybe the players are at least playing for Coach Busniuk, who seems caught in the middle, but are taking their frustrations out on the executives who really deserve it.

To the players, hopefully things change in this New Year. Hopefully you still have the support of most of your fan base which seems to be dwindling. Good luck.

Bob Smith,
Thunder Bay


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