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2013-01-25 at 11:52AM

Preferential treatment?

Jon Powers, Thunder Bay

To the editor

I am growing very tired of tbnewswatch.com not allowing posts or comments about when the police are found guilty of crimes and caught in very dishonourable conduct.

Why has tbnewswatch.com allowed comments on other legal issues, but not these ones?

I am outraged at the very light sentence of this criminal and find the defence counsel’s statements about the so-called hard life of former OPP officer Darryl Storey incredibly egregious.

Federal time of two years means he can apply for parole in just four months and full parole at eight months and just have 16 months of community supervision.

Mr. Storey’s sentence will end on Jan 19, 2015.

No probation order can be given as he was given two years federally.

A five-year driving ban is still way too light and should have been life. When will the Veneruzzo family’s sentence end?

At least he still has a life and liberty and future employment opportunities once he gets his criminal pardon, a process in which those convicted of crimes can pass police background checks.

The first rule in the administration of justice is never forgetting the victim. It would seem that the sentence given to Mr. Storey was in his best interest not that of the greater society.

And a final flagrant insult to the Veneruzzos.

Mr. Storey was not placed in handcuffs by Thunder Bay Police while being lead out of the courthouse. Talk about preferential treatment by TBPS. I don't recall any of the KI-6 not in handcuffs when they were lead out by city police department.

Jon Powers,
Thunder Bay



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