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Friday March 27 2015
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2013-02-07 at 14:59

LETTER: Shania Twain Centre demise should serve as a lesson

Hazel and Peter Williams, Thunder Bay

To the editor:

We recently read about the demise of the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins and we think it’s a heads up for Thunder Bay’s city council.

We previously lived in Timmins and it is so sad to hear that this multi-million venture has failed. That’s $10 million under the bulldozers.

Locally, several people want to put together a $106-millon venture in an event centre. Grand as it seems, the people of Thunder Bay could end up in the same boat.

We, the people, will have to pay for maintenance if the big-ticket shows are not well-attended. In Duluth, our American friends showed us a 15 per cent increase in all taxes when the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Centre significantly expanded. We don’t have multi-million populations nearby, like Minneapolis, as they do in Duluth.

Each taxpayer in Thunder Bay could have an even greater than 15 per cent increase on house taxes that already are too high. If Fort William Gardens has to be demolished, could we not be more economical and fiscally responsible?

Hazel and Peter Williams,Thunder Bay


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