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2014-04-17 at 15:19

LETTER: CBC afternoon show a valuable asset

By Carl Bleich
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To the editor:?

The CBC provides a variety of peoples’ views throughout Canada and CBQ provides excellent coverage for Northwestern Ontario.

It’s a shame to see the afternoon show Voyage North cancelled and replaced with a show out of Sudbury.

It’s about community. It’s not about corporation's bottom line.

“The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor,” sings Leonard Cohen.

The right-wing brainwashing is well documented here. Let’s buy more fighter jets and lets kill more people. It’s very sad the direction we are being taken.


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pc says:
CBC gets enough of my money now. They get money from the Federal Gov. way over what they produce either in revenue or shows that truly interest people.
They waste money on salaries and never show what they spend the money on.
Peter Mansbridge salary is not even known. He should be on the sunshine list since he is paid with tax payers money but CBC will not do that.
How many local shows could they have if they cut salaries of the high paid bureaucrats?
I am sorry but I will take fighter jets over more CBC waste.
With the way the world is going right now I would like to know that Canadians will be able to pick and choose what radio and television we get to watch. And not have some dictator or religious fanatic shut down everything that does not tow the party line.
When CBC starts running on its own money then watch or listen to your hearts content. I just hate paying for a lot of hogwash.
4/18/2014 8:54:53 AM
Kam River says:
For those in Thunder Bay you might find PBS radio 91.1 on you radio dial interesting, informative and not as negative and anti as CBC.
4/18/2014 10:42:44 AM
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