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Today at 13:25

LETTER: Ruberto clarifies statement

by Aldo Ruberto
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To the editor:

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify a comment,at tues night's all candidate meeting.

"If we thought we needed a plebiscite we would have put one there," Ruberto said.

Here is what the reporter failed to capture in the one sentence he quoted out of my complete answer. In my reply to the question,I also stated: "Would you want people voting on a $104-million project that have not attended meetings? Never read any reports? Had no factual information? Or did not even care wether we build or not build, an event centre, voting on this issue? The city conducted a survey on this issue. Ten per cent of the people surveyed did not even know anything about an event centre, had never heard of it. Do you want them voting on this important issue?

"The waterfront might not have gone forward if we had a plebiciste because early on in the process there was so much misinformation, misleading people into believing we were doomed if we went forward with this project. The same thing was happening here with the event center. We also ran out of time in April to get the events centre on the plebicite ballot for October."

I hope this clarifies the issue.

Aldo Ruberto,
At-large candidate,
Thunder Bay


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meta says:
Thanks Aldo, It clarifies and reinforces my "No" vote for you. The public wants input and regardless of your clarification and still ongoing blatant disregard for this fact, nothing changed. This same sort of clarification seems to happen everytime stupid statements get made. It's tiring!! Carpe Diem....sieze the day Thunder Bay and vote Aldo out!
10/1/2014 2:25:31 PM
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