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2013-12-28 at 16:53

Hitting the slopes

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com
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Fresh snow, mild temperatures and new equipment make a recipe for a busy day at local ski hills.

The Loch Lomond Ski Area was a popular destination on Saturday afternoon as skiers and snowboarders of all ages hit the slopes in the middle of the holiday season.

Jordan Davidson was one who acquired new equipment and was putting it through the paces down the hill.

“I hadn’t been skiing in a while so I decided to get some new stuff and give it a try,” said Davidson, a student at Lakehead University. “I started skiing when I was really little but I stopped because I was busy doing other things and I’ve gotten back into it this year.”

Skiing is a full family outing for Sarah Gerry, who had her young son Liam and nephew Anderson by her side.

She got a full assortment of new equipment for Christmas and it gets put to good use, as they try to make time to go every day during the children’s holiday break from school.

They all have memberships at Loch Lomond and feel it’s important to introduce the young members of the family to the sport at a young age.

“We grew up skiing and feel it’s a very good family activity and all of the members of our family ski,” Gerry said. “My parents ski so it’s a fantastic thing to do with grandparents. We have a great community of friends that ski as well so they can go off with their friends.”

Jason Freeburn has been skiing since early in his youth and now has his son Hudson continuing in those footsteps.

Freeburn has worked as an instructor and coach in the past but is now focused on teaching his sons how to manoeuvre his way down the hill and enjoy a family friendly activity.

“He’s all ready to go and he got started a few times last year and now this year he’s ready to hit it hard,” Freeburn said. “It’s great. We have good weather and we’re glad to be able to get out and enjoy ourselves.”

While some in the city have undoubtedly cursed at the continuous snowfalls throughout the month, it has created a nirvana for downhill enthusiasts.

According to experienced skiers, this year’s conditions are some of the best in recent memory and that has resulted in a busy season.

“You couldn’t ask for any better conditions,” Freeburn said. “It’s nice soft snow and there’s lots of it.”

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We've improved our comment system.
rootbear says:
Saturday was fantastic....now for a week of -30's...not so fantastic. Too cold for man or beast. Going to be a good day for commenting.
12/29/2013 10:13:55 AM
cm punky says:
The snow and the cold can disappear at anytime now.
12/30/2013 10:40:47 AM
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