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The science of bike helmets

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The science of bike helmets

With the warm weather we’ve been having its time to get outside on your bicycle but before you do we need to talk about bike safety.

Thunder Bay has been increasing its network of bike lanes and cycling infrastructure each year. This is getting more and more people interested in bicycling. In Ontario it is the law for anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet but it is recommended for everyone to wear one.

Research has shown that bike helmets are 85-88% effective in reducing brain and head injury.

This melon represents your head. The shell is fragile like your skull. An accident at just 16 km per hour is equivalent to a fall from 7.5 feet. (splat!)

Now let’s try this again with a bike helmet on the melon. (The melon bounces) You can see that the bike helmet absorbed the impact so that melon remained intact. And if the melon didn’t crack, then anything else inside the helmet – like your head – is safe too.

So stay safe this summer and protect your melon by remembering to always wear your helmet when you ride your bike.

Now that’s cool science!