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Friday July 31 2015
5:25 PM EDT

How to help save your neighbourhood bees

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How to help save your neighbourhood bees

With the rapid decline of the honeybee population, we want to do our part to make a change.

Bees do more for us than you think. As bees land on plants in search of nectar the plant's pollen from the stamen, the male reproductive organ of the flower, will stick to the small hairs on their body. These insects then carry the pollen and transfer it to the stigma, the female reproductive organ of the plant, fertilizing as they go. Without bees, we wouldn't have many of our favourite fruits and vegetables.

To help these busy pollinators, you can create an easy, and safe space for them to drink.

Bees need water to cool their hive in the summer, … to create jelly that is used to feed the larvae … and to dilute the crystals back into liquid. However, they can only get that water from shallow pools … because they can drown in large bodies of water such as rivers, or even bird baths.

So here's how you can make your own bee friendly bath:

First, fill a shallow bowl or bin with marbles or decorative stones. Next, you can fill up the container with water. Be sure not to fully submerge the marbles/stones. Now the bees will have a place to land and no longer be at risk of drowning in the water.

Now that's cool science.