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Cool Science - Hidden Iron

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Cool Science - Hidden Iron

Iron is an important part of our diet. Our bodies can't produce iron so we need to eat foods that do contain it ... such as meat, fruit and vegetables and nuts. And since iron is so important for our diet, food manufacturers have also added it into other food products, such as fortified cereal.

But when I pass a magnet over the cereal, I can't seem to find any iron.

However if we will crush up the cereal until it becomes a fine powder and try the magnet again ... Now we start to see some black particles attaching to the magnet. These are tiny bits of iron.

Just like the Earth's rocks and soil, the iron in our cereal and food is attached to all the other substances around it.

This is why we were unable to pick out the iron when the cereal was whole. When we broke down the cereal into a powder we were able to break the iron away from the other substances and pick it up with the magnet.

This is similar to what our stomach and digestion system do to find the iron in our foods.

Did you know that if all the iron was extracted from your body you would have enough iron to make two small nails? So if you want to grow big and strong, make sure your get your recommended daily allowance of iron.

Now that's cool science!

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