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HAGI TV Bingo $6.00

Saturday, September 12, 2020 6:00 PM - Saturday, May 15, 2021 6:00 PM

We are excited to announce that the 17th season of HAGI TV Bingo has started! There is a bingo game EVERY Saturday. Cards can be purchased one weeks game at a time, starting on the Monday, and sold all throughout the week. Volunteers start to deliver cards on Monday at 9am, and will finish by 12noon by the time they deliver to all locations within Thunder Bay.

Thank you for the continued support!
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What is HAGI TV Bingo?
HAGI TV Bingo has been operating since 2004. It involves everything you love about a traditional bingo game except you can play in the comfort of your home! In brief, you would purchase your bingo card at one of the participating locations, then you would tune into CKPR (CTV) Thunder Bay TV station Saturday at 6pm and play along!

When is the bingo game?
Our program consists of one 30-minute full card game. It starts at 6pm every Saturday, during our bingo season September – May, and runs until approximately 6:30pm, or until someone wins the bingo.

How much are bingo cards?
Bingo cards are $6 for 9 faces (this means you get 9 standard 5×5 bingo cards for $6). They are sold locally in Thunder Bay and in several other communities throughout the region.

When and where can you buy bingo cards?
The list of the locations selling the bingo cards can be found at This is the official list that will be updated upon any changes. Bingo cards are available at participating locations starting the Monday prior to Saturday’s bingo game. In the event of a snowstorm or poor driving conditions the cards will be available the following day, Tuesday. Cards are delivered out to each location, one by one, starting at 9am and are all delivered at approximately 12noon. The cards will be sold until they sell out or until 5:45pm on Saturday, as the bingo game starts at 6pm sharp! You cannot use a previous weeks bingo card to play a bingo. Each bingo has specific cards that are only sold during the week prior to the game.

What is a winning bingo and how to call a “BINGO”?
A winning bingo is when you get a full house which is a blackout, meaning every number on your card has been called. A ball called is a ball played. Once you get a bingo, you must call in right away and have your numbers verified at either the local phone number 807-346-2620 or the toll-free number 1-888-300-2555. The holder of the card who has called the first verified bingo will be eligible for a share of the prize. A player does not need to have the last number called in order to be declared a winner. Anyone who completes the pattern required shall be deemed a winner if their bingo is verified within 15 minutes from the end of the telecast. The prize shall be evenly split between the winners if there are multiple. The game will officially be closed 15 minutes after the telecast, and no further verification of bingos will take place after that time.

What is the winning prize?
The winning bingo prize is $3000 and sometimes we host special games (ex. for holidays) where the winning prize will be worth $5000. If there is only one winner, then that individual receives the entire prize, however if there are multiple winners the prize is split equally amongst them.

What TV channel is HAGI TV Bingo on?
It is on CKPR (CTV) Thunder Bay TV station. Depending on which TV provider you are with, the channel can vary. Here is a list of channels based on your TV provider:
- Tbaytel on channel 205 HD
- BellTV on channel 223 SD or 1066 HD
- Shaw) on channel 5 SD or 210 HD
- Shaw) Direct Classic on channel 304 SD or 37 HD
- Shaw) Direct Advanced on channel 51 SD or 537 HD
- Shaw) BlueSky TV on channel 104 HD
- Off Air on channel 2

Can you play HAGI TV Bingo if you do not have a TV?
Unfortunately, not at this moment in time. However, HAGI is working on having HAGI TV Bingo steamed online. This is currently in the works; however, it is not available yet.

Where do the proceeds go?
Absolutely 100% of the proceeds raised by HAGI TV Bingo stays in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario and is used to support various programs and services which work to improve the quality of life for persons with a disability, including seniors. One program that HAGI sponsors each year through the proceeds raised from HAGI TV Bingo is the Wilderness Discovery Camping Program. This program runs during the summer and provides an accessible recreation experience for persons with a disability, including seniors. This barrier-free camp is located on Lake Shebandowan, about an hour’s drive from Thunder Bay, and allows individuals the chance to do things that they may not have ever done before such as camping, swimming, fishing and boating.

How do you claim your prize?
In order to claim the prize, winning cards must be brought to the HAGI office in person or can also be sent by registered mail (HAGI TV Bingo, 1201 Jasper Drive, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6R2). Winning cards must be legible. All players must be at least 18 years of age. Winners will be announced during a future telecast and posted on our website.

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