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Virtual Folklore Festival 2020 $0.00

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 6:00 AM - Wednesday, September 30, 2020 5:59 AM

Come visit our "Virtual Folklore Festival" online for your enjoyment at (extended by request)

Happy Canadian Multicultural Day June 27, 2020 and Happy Canada Day 2020!. Take this Virtual Trip to see the rich diversity of our nation. Virtual Folklore Festival at continues and small versions can be found here on our Facebook Page. Canada is a nation rich in diversity. We grow as a nation when we celebrate the contributions of all Canadians and value and treat all Canadians with respect. Canada's wealth and future lies in our rich cultural diversity and our nation will thrive only when we as a country recognize and treat our people fairly and equally. The fabric of Canada has been woven by our various ethnocultural and Aboriginal communities, all part of building Canada, and all who should be treated as equal people in our Canada. Enjoy your journey through Canada by visiting our Virtual Folklore Festival. Jeanetty Jumah

We may not be at our planned Folklore but we can still enjoy the Wonder that is Folklore Festival every year as we "Travel the World in 48 Hours" online enjoying Incredible Entertainer Performances and the Opening Ceremonies with music, visions of our Food Booths, Exhibitors, Artists, Children's Area, Volunteers, thanking our Folklore Sponsors who are there every year to ensure this family-friendly affordable, and fully accessible Festival can happen for our communities, Friendly Faces & all that make Folklore Festival, a Celebration of the rich cultural diversity that makes Canada one of the most dynamic countries in the World!

Thank you for visiting our Virtual Folklore Festival and we hope you enjoy your Trip Around the World!

The Folklore Festival Volunteer Organizing Committee and a host of Folklore Festival participants.

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