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Your Local BBQ Headquarters at North Country Meat Shop!

We will cut and wrap however you would like. Come take advantage. 24hrs required. Call the shop at 475-3665. Or come into the store and talk to any of our amazing customer service representatives.

Beef Tenderloin Bacon Wrapped $8.00
Pork Tenderloin Whole Pieces 2 Pacs $5.39/lb
Whole Chicken Manitoba Raised $3.49/lb
Pork Loin Roasts $5.39/lb

Prime Rib Roasts $12.95/lb
Baron of Beef Roasts $5.95/lb
Stew Beef $6.95/lb
Pork Butt Roasts $4.29/lb

We are open regular hours 9-6 weekly and 10-5 on sunday.

319 Euclid Av

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