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Important Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Moving is a huge undertaking, and it includes many individual tasks to get the job done. One of the most stressful parts is transporting your fragile items, and you likely have more of them than you realize. Boxes are handled a great deal during a move, so your fragile belongings must be well protected.

It all starts with how you pack them. Make sure to dedicate adequate time for packing fragile items, and use quality materials and proper techniques. Moving all of your delicate items without damage is possible if you invest the right care and attention into the process. When it comes to fragile items, here are what we feel are the most important packing tips for moving.

Prepare in Advance and Take Your Time

Don’t leave the packing of fragile items to the last minute. This is not the place to rush, and delicate items require more time to package and protect properly. If you are not hiring professional movers, ensure you start packing well before your move date.

Use Small Boxes

Small moving boxes are much easier to handle which reduces the risk of damage. Items are less likely to shift around inside during the move, and you should always fill any extra space with padding (newspaper, packing peanuts, clothing, etc.). Ensure nothing is set on top of these small boxes.

Wrap Each Item Separately

All fragile items should be wrapped individually and separated based on the material, shape, and size. Remove any loose pieces such as lids and wrap those separately. The most delicate items, such as fine china, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with tape.

Reinforce the Bottom of the Box

To ensure the bottom of the box does not come loose or the items fall out, reinforce the box bottoms with additional tape. This will keep your items well protected and prevent the box’s bottom from bowing. Fibreglass tape is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Fill Hollow Items

Stuff glasses, jars, bowls, and any other items containing hollow spaces with packing paper to help soften vibrations and prevent damage.

Heaviest Objects at the Bottom

The order in which you fill your boxes matters just as much as how you wrap the pieces. Place the heaviest, largest items at the bottom of the box so that nothing gets broken or crushed. Additionally, this will further support the bottom of the box.

Line Boxes with Soft Materials

Put down a layer of soft material at the bottom of the box to provide padding for your fragile items. You can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or towels to cushion the bottom of the box. Once you add all your items, fill up any empty space with soft materials.

Add Clear Labels

Each box that contains a fragile item should be clearly labelled. Separate these boxes into a designated area and make sure everyone who is involved on moving day knows that they require extra care. The more detailed your labels, the better. Clear and detailed labels will also make your unpacking process easier.

Leave It to the Professionals

Moving is already stressful enough, and many people end up burnt out with no time or energy left to focus on tasks such as carefully packing fragile items. Macho Movers is here to help take some of that stress off of you. We proudly serve Guelph and the neighbouring communities and our professional team guarantees the safe handling and transport of all your belongings, especially fragile pieces!

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