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Downsizing in Preparation for Your Upcoming Move!

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Downsizing has many perks but is often a very tough challenge to tackle, especially when you have lived in your current home for many years!

Not everyone knows how to downsize, where to begin, and how to let go of belongings that no longer have a place in their lives, and it may often bring a period of emotional adjustment and decision making.

Here are some tips when trying to downsize your home, your lifestyle, or your clutter!

Start Early & Start Small:

The temptation to begin by writing out a list of everything that needs completing may be strong, but this can quickly become overwhelming and draining if attempting to tackle everything all at once.

Instead, create a timeline for your move and begin cleaning out small areas, one at a time, before your moving date. For example: Week 1 could be to clear out and declutter your storage closet or the cabinet under your sinks, making the entire workload into manageable tasks! Tackling one space or room at a time helps you avoid getting overwhelmed and allows you to carve out time within your day-to-day schedule to complete small goals rather than all at once.

Eliminate Rooms You Will Not Have in Your New Home:

Knowing what to keep and what to get rid of is tricky when you have emotional attachments to certain belongings. In addition, if you have a hard time parting ways with anything or you have a beloved collection, it could create disagreements and disorganized havoc.
One of the best packing tips for moving is to prioritize rooms. If your new home has two bedrooms and you currently have four, eliminate two rooms by choosing which items you like best that will fit in your future space and then either gift the remaining items to donation/family/friends or place them in the list for a garage sale. Do this with each area of your home that you will not have the same amount of space for at your new home and you will be decluttered in no time!

Get Rid of Duplicates:

It is remarkable what we can accumulate over time. A valuable rule of thumb for how to downsize and declutter is to get rid of duplicate pieces of furniture, household items, and even clothing. Parting with items you worked hard to get or have had for a long time may be difficult, but allowing yourself to rid yourself of excess allows you to really enjoy the pieces you do have. At the same time, consider how you would like to decorate your new home and group items that suit both style and function in the space available.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Things:

Anyone who has ever organized a garage sale or managed an online marketplace knows there can be a lot of work involved, yet this is a great way to recycle and reuse unnecessary items rather than throwing them away as well as making some additional money for you to put towards your move. Research your for-sale items' current market value before placing antique or collectible items for sale as many savvy shoppers are looking to score valuable items from unaware sellers!

Give Yourself Time to Reminisce:

Your home is full of memories that are likely attached to different items. Perhaps you inherited your grandmother’s piano or your father’s antique tool collection, all of which have sentimental value that elicits feelings of grief over parting with them. However, if you give yourself time to share the memories again, even retelling a story or two to the family member receiving a piece, you create new memories to cherish. On the other hand, if you whisk away your belongings too quickly, you may feel as though your life is out of control. Take time to truly decide whether a sentimental belonging will fit in your new home (or will just take up valuable space), will bring you joy to have as part of your new home and to see every morning, and will allow you to build and maintain the tradition and memories that the item may hold. If the answer to any of these is "no", then it may be time to say goodbye to these items and gift them to another family member to cherish.

Use Reputable Movers:

Moving day is both exciting and nerve-racking for anybody. You want to know your belongings are in safe hands and how to find what you need when unpacking. Utilizing professional packing services and movers can help keep the move organized and timely.

Macho Movers offers all of the packing and moving services you need when choosing to downsize. Our reliable and friendly staff will manage any packing, moving, disposal, and organizing that you require, leaving you to settle into your new home with ease.

Plan your move confidently and get your complimentary estimate online or by calling 519-830-4974 today!

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