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From loss to support: Sober Recovery Coach uses personal experience to guide others towards sobriety

After losing her best friend from a drug overdose in 2019, Caroline Barrett felt lost — the person who was like her right side and whom she relied on for everything was gone. Four years later, Barrett is now a Sober Recovery Coach and channels her past experiences of loss, struggles with alcohol and helping friends with addiction to help others succeed in sobriety.

“This [becoming a sober coach] was kind of my way of giving back and helping others,” she explained.

Seven years sober on September 10th, Barrett knows the thought of never drinking again can be overwhelming and said she gets calls from people saying they're ready to quit but may not be mentally prepared yet.

Caroline Barrett
“I remember thinking, oh my god, I'm never going to drink again…it's just the thought of it is way worse than actually doing it,” she said.

When this is the case, she says she tries to contact them within 24 hours of their calling and will ask them to meet for a coffee chat.

“I tell them it's up to you to call me to go out for this coffee, and then quite often, they don't.”

However, when a client decides they’re ready for help, Barrett sits down with them, explores why they want to quit and helps them devise a plan to make it happen. It’s more than just going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, she says, but finding out how to help them stay on the path of sobriety.

“So what's going to keep them there? We go through all of that stuff together,” Barrett said. “I'm not a therapist or a clinician. I'm here as a support system because I've been through it.”

Her team at Sober Me includes Ashleigh Worley, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist passionate about helping those struggling with addiction, and Christopher McFadden, a sober sommelier who focuses on helping people in the restaurant industry become sober.

To learn more about Barrett’s work or to contact her, visit the Sober Me website.

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