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Letter to the Editor: Why do we pay such high taxes?

Why do we pay such high taxes?

To the Editor:

I put out two garbage cans.... just like I do every week. I never have much garbage because we are big on recycling and composting. One can had one green garbage bag about 3/4 full and the other had two bags in it... one was only a quarter full and the other was barely half full as I like to bag it early and tie it tight to deter critters and smell.

Neither were very heavy and they were clean, neat and not smelly. The collectors only took two part bags and left the remainder?

I pay outrageous taxes and receive very little service. Should I save up what I paid to have removed and dump it on our mayor's lawn so he can take it to landfill?

At least it will give him something to do for the salary I am paying him while he does nothing for our city.

This city has really gone for a crap! We would rather spend our tax dollars buying useless statues, re-doing the same streets and intersections because its never done right the first time and paying elected officials large sums of money to fight their personal legal battles for federal crimes!

Please... lets get rid of our current mayor and council and try something new. We continue to pay more for less and I for one have hit my maximum.

Steve Peters,
Thunder Bay