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Teacher - JK, SK, Grade 4 & 7

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Education Authority

Company: KI Education Authority
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
Posting Closes: December 31, 2024
Start Date: ASAP
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Reports To The teachers report to and are under the direct supervision of the School Principal and Vice Principal.
Job Overview Kitchenuhmaykoosib Education Authority employs the Teacher to educate the students of Kl, including
students with special education needs who may have IEPs and enrolled in the teacher's class. In general terms, teachers are responsible for effective instruction, training, and evaluation of the progress of all pupils in the subjects assigned and management of the class or classes, and report to the principal on pupils' progress on request.
Responsibilities and Duties
The responsibilities of teachers include:

  1. Teaching and Planning
    a) Teach diligently the classes and subjects assigned by the School Administration.
    b) Use only materials approved by the Ministry of Education or the KEA.
    c) Be responsible for effective instruction and evaluation of all students in the teacher's classroom.
    d) Prepare daily teaching plans, course outlines and other plans and submit them to
    School Administration on request.
    e) Be responsible for all classroom materials and equipment.
    f) Accurately maintain student progress.
    g) Prepare and implement individual student programs, including but not limited to Individual
    Education Plans in cooperation with the School Administration and Special Education Resource Teacher
    as required.
    h) Teach, promote, and respect Kl community values and beliefs.
    i) Encourage the students in the pursuit of lifelong learning.
    j) File students' IEPs at the end of the school year and sign off on the OSRs as required.
    2.Classroom Management and Environment
    a) Maintain proper order and discipline in the classroom and while on duty.
    b) Be present in the classroom and ensure that the classroom is ready for the students at least fifteen (15) minutes before the morning classes start and ten (10) minutes before the beginning of the afternoon classes.
    c) Record students' daily attendance.
    d) Conduct classes following a timetable accessible to students, parents and immediate supervisors.
    e) Ensure to implement reasonable safety procedures in courses and activities.
    f) Report any injuries or mishaps to the supervisor immediately.
    3.Professional Development and Working Relationships.
    a) Work cooperatively with parents in the community by inviting parents to the classroom, sharing
    concerns with parents, visiting parents, sending work home for the parents and respecting the rights of
    parents at all times.
    b) Notify parents and guardians of their children's progress and set up a conference if there is a need or
    concern for the student.
    c) Assist the School Administration in maintaining close cooperation with the community.
    d) Act through the proper lines of communication when seeking advice, clarification on issues and
    e) Assist in developing cooperation amongst school staff.
    f) Co-operate fully with the school staff and School Administration in all matters related to the instruction of students.
    g) Carry out the supervisory and teaching duties as assigned and supply related information as required by the School Administration and KEA.
    h) Assist in school fundraising and extracurricular activities.
    i) Participate in Professional Activity Days as designated by the KEA.
    j) Upgrade and enroll in additional qualifications and courses and obtain a specialist concentration
    in teachable subjects.
    k) Participate and have students submit articles for the school newsletter.
    I) Notify the School Principal of any absences, preferably two weeks in advance if circumstances allow.
    m) Deliver the register, school keys and other property to the Education Authority when the contract or school expires.
    n) The Teacher agrees to supervise and coach at least one extracurricular activity per term for a total
    of two per year and be responsible for a minimum of one school-related non-teaching activity.
    o) The Teacher agrees to participate in all community-organized events, including cultural and language
    activities, as well as supporting families, as directed, during school closures in accordance with Policy 611.
    • A member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers
    Job Description Teacher July 28, 2019 Page 3 of 3
    • Two years of successful teaching experience in schools with Indigenous students an asset; or
    • Successful student teaching placements in schools with Indigenous students are an asset.
    • Knowledge of and demonstrated respect for Kl's language, culture, heritage, and ways.
    • Additional Qualifications courses in Reading, Math, and Special Education, or a plan to obtain
    an asset.
    • A Criminal Records Check Vulnerable Sector Screening

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