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Let's Eat

These stories about local food, restaurants and people behind the culinary scene are made possible through the continued support of the Clean Air Metals inc as part of our Community Leaders Program.

<b>Let's Eat:</b> Wolfhead Coffee adds local flavour to coffee market

Let's Eat: Wolfhead Coffee adds local flavour to coffee market

Wolfhead Coffee prides itself on its distinct offerings, with their cinnamon applewood smoked coffee among their most popular products.
<b>Let's Eat:</b> In Common

Let's Eat: In Common

In Common strives to provide locally sourced, elevated comfort food in a friendly inclusive atmosphere.
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Carte Blanche Cafe

Let's Eat: Carte Blanche Cafe

Carte Blanche Cafe's unique and exclusive drink options are named and inspired by personal touches
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Root Cellar Gardens

Let's Eat: Root Cellar Gardens

Root Cellar Gardens has produce available in the winter so people can still access locally grown veggies all year round, while also focusing on seed production and seed sales
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Misty Creek Homestead

Let's Eat: Misty Creek Homestead

Misty Creek Homestead offers local, farm-raised beef in O'Connor Township
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Lot 66

Let's Eat: Lot 66

Mike Roulston is a self taught chef and wine connoisseur who has worked in the restaurant industry since 1989, and always had a goal of opening his own place. That dream became a reality with Lot 66.
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzeria and Bakery

Let's Eat: Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzeria and Bakery

Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzeria & Bakery, located on Park Avenue, opened in 2014
<b>Let's Eat</b>: East Coast Lobster

Let's Eat: East Coast Lobster

Aaron Gillingham purchased East Coast Lobster in July of 2021, which was founded by original owners Randy and Linda Gaudette in 1988.
<b>Let's Eat:</b> Slate River Dairy

Let's Eat: Slate River Dairy

Slate River Dairy relies on science to create their supreme brand of dairy products
<b> Let's Eat:</b> Norteños Taqueria

Let's Eat: Norteños Taqueria

Norteños Taqueria opened two years ago in the middle of the pandemic, as owner Jamie Baratta brought flavours of Mexico home
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