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Hidden Costs of Moving on Your Own

Let’s be honest, many people do not really like moving. It is hard work and has the potential to cost a lot financially. Moving doesn’t have to be this daunting, stress-inducing task in our lives. It

Wicked Blueberry Gin on SALE🫐 until Mar. 30

$3 off at the LCBO beginning Feb. 25: Wicked Blueberry is blend of Dixon’s award-winning, handcrafted Canadian gin, blueberry extract and botanicals, and a hint of citrus ✨ Pairs beautifully with
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Install your roof in winter? Yes, we can!

Winter is the best time to install your new roof! Here's why: Beat the Spring rush. Avoid roof leaks after the Spring thaw & first rain. Lock in today's price! Click here for a free no-obligation

Bonus data

Limited time only! Get 40GB bonus Ldata per month for 24 months! Plus, get 1 month’s fee in credit. For details, visit Stone Rd Mall Chatr Mobile-435 Stone Rd W, Guelph, ON -Kiosk.
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Join ArtMed's Newsletter - Receive 15% OFF Your Next Online Order

ArtMed is a medical aesthetics clinic whose mission is to provide a comprehensive range of treatment options. Our services include skin rejuvenation & tightening, hair removal/re-growth, acne,


Spring registration is now open. REGISTER NOW !

Discover the benefits of hiring professional movers instead of going the DIY route! 💪

🏠 Moving soon? Save time, stress, and money with Macho Movers by your side. 🚚 #MachoMovers #ProfessionalMovers #MovingTips 1. Experience and Expertise Professional movers have years of experience

Introductory Pricing for New Clients |$8.99/Unit of Botox® or Xeomin® at ArtMed

$8.99/Unit of Botox® or Xeomin® for your first neurotoxin treatment with Nurse Morgan. Have you been thinking about trying wrinkle injections? This offer is for you! This discount is only for those
Nokian Coupon

We Carry Nokian Tyres

Lots of Nokian Tyres on sale call us today at 519 763 8473 or online at
Feb24 Week 3

Did Somebody Say DISCOUNT?

Did you know, Flying Dutchman Cleaning offers a multi-surface discount? That’s right! When you are getting multiple surfaces cleaned by us, you may be eligible for a discount! Think of the
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