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Downsizing in preparation for your upcoming move!

Downsizing has many perks but is also often a tough challenge --- especially when you have lived in your current home for a long time. Yet, not everyone knows how to downsize or where to begin, and

Things to consider when moving!

If you’re planning on moving, there are a lot of things to think about before you start packing the truck. Here are a few you’ll want to keep in mind. What is the Reason for Moving? There are many

Get Connected to the Village Media Network!

Join thousands of local businesses and connect to the most powerful local media network in Ontario! Click here to find out how!

Hidden Costs of Moving on Your Own

Let’s be honest, many people do not really like moving. It is hard work and has the potential to cost a lot financially. Moving doesn’t have to be this daunting, stress-inducing task in our lives. It
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Spring Warehouse Super Sale! Your Forever Roof at Unbeatable Price!

Refresh the curb appeal of your home with unbeatable deals direct from the manufacturer. Say goodbye to retail markups and hello to incredible savings. Having a Hy-Grade Steel Roof just got easier!

Discover the benefits of hiring professional movers instead of going the DIY route! 💪

🏠 Moving soon? Save time, stress, and money with Macho Movers by your side. 🚚 #MachoMovers #ProfessionalMovers #MovingTips 1. Experience and Expertise Professional movers have years of experience

Cooking classes are being served up in Dixon’s Distillery! 🥘

Our next class is May 3 and features Chef Scotty Yates. He's worked alongside celebrity chefs Michael Smith and Giada De Laurentiis (to name just a few) and brings the magic to small, intimate
April 2024 Week 1a


Get a jump on your warm weather prep with this LIMITED TIME OFFER! For the whole month of April, Flying Dutchman Cleaning is offering a promotion on outdoor & recreational vehicle cushion cleaning:
April 2024 Week 2

What Type Of Rug Should I Put Here? Part 3!

This is part 3 of Flying Dutchman Cleaning's series, “what type of area rug should I put here”? Part 3: The Entryway! For your entryway, consider the following: - What is the type of dirt load coming
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Triad Contracting is here to help!

If your experiencing leaks, missing/broken shingles, algae or any other roofing issues we are here to help! At Triad Contracting our estimators are HAAG certified to assess damage on all residential
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