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ADOPTED: Moosh has a sweet personality, in partnership with Paws for Love, brings you a regular feature highlighting a pet in need of adoption.


(Paws for Love Dog Rescue)

Hi! I am a Husky and aren’t my colours beautiful? I am around 2-years-old and I am a boy.

I have spent most of my time tied up outside, so I want to be loved! Every dog deserves to have a family and I am looking for my family.

I need a family that will understand that I am a Husky and we are very active dogs.

I’m so loveable and they tell me my personality is very sweet. We like to be runners and that is why I need my exercise to make me happy. I can’t be that dog that just lies around or sits on the couch.

My rescue is going to have me vetted and I will have all my vaccines and I am going for my big surgery soon too. They will also microchip me and that means there will always be a record of who is my family.

I am so majestic looking if I do say so myself and my colours are stunning. I am full grown and I weigh between 50-60 pounds.

If you would like to meet me or know someone that would like a new member of their family, can you please share this post.

I would love to meet my future family because I will be ready to start my new life very soon. After I visit the vet, I will be able to go on a two-week trial just to make sure I am right for you and that you are right for me.

I hope I am going to get lots of applications, so I am getting super excited to meet my new family.