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Second-dose number nears 60,000

Single-dose numbers slowed significantly, dropping to just 969, the first time it's dropped below 1,000 in months.
COVID-19 Vaccine 3

THUNDER BAY – The city’s vaccination progress continued to climb last week, though it’s clear second doses are making up the lion’s share of appointment bookings.

Of the 11,552 vaccines that were administered last week, 10,583, or 91.6 per cent, were second jabs. Only 969 first doses were given, upping the Thunder Bay District’s total to 76.1 per cent of all eligible residents, a list that includes anyone 12 and older.

A total of 59,575 people have been double vaccinated in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s catchment area, representing 41.9 per cent of the 12-and-older population and 44.2 per cent of the adult population.

According to numbers provided by the province, which medical officer of health Dr. Janet DeMille says may be an overestimate, while noting theirs may be an underestimate, 84.1 per cent of the adult population of the district have had at least one dose and 48.5 per cent have had both doses.

In terms of age groups, the 70 to 79 category continues to lead the way with 89.9 per cent having received at least one shot, slightly ahead of the 80-plus group which is 88.1 per cent singly vaccinated. The latter category leads the way in second doses, at 70.5 per cent.

The 18 to 29 group continues to outpace the two age categories ahead of them, hitting a 72.1 per cent vaccination rate, topping the 70.4 per cent rate in the 40 to 49 age group and the 64.8 per cent in the 30 to 39 category.

The youngest age category, 12 to 17, reached 62 per cent for first doses and 10.6 per cent have now received second doses. The health unit on Monday opened first and second doses to all age categories. 

The numbers, released on Tuesday, include vaccinations up to and including this past Saturday.