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Wabakimi Park and Wabakimi Outfitters were both founded by the same guy, Bruce Hyer. Born in Connecticut, Bruce at the age of 5 years told people there that he planned to move to Canada, build a log cabin and live in it in the wilderness off the land, be a biologist, trapper, wilderness guide, and bush pilot. Folks patted him on the head and said “That’s nice.” But at the age of 29, he did just those things, as well as become a Member of Parliament of Canada for 7 years. In 1993 he married spouse Margaret, and Michael Hyer was born in 1995 (now one of Wabakimi’s best canoe trip leaders).

A hugely important part of the Wabakimi family are Brenda and Bert Zwicker, the managers of Wabakimi Outfitters. For 17 years, they have been making sure that guests are safe, happy, well organized, and well fed and housed.

We are quite proud of all of our Wabakimi staff and guides are well trained, helpful, responsible, and friendly!