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Breakfast Lunch & Deener

Cuisine: Breakfast, Canadian / American
Specialities: Breakfast, Chicken, Healthy Options, Local Ingredients, Vegetarian
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Breakfast Lunch & Deener is Thunder Bay’s easy-to-use custom meal service, designed for individuals who value nutrient dense, minimally processed, whole foods!

Our simple build-your-own-meal format allows you to choose your protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable in 1000+ different combinations. Everything is fresh, fully-cooked, and comes in microwave-safe/freezer-safe containers. You can build your meals to suit your diet, lifestyle, preferences, and budget. We require no contracts and no minimums, although we do offer a variety of 12 Week Subscription Plans for those who wish to receive meals regularly.

Who can benefit from this service??

Anyone may utilize this service as we do not have a qualification process.

  • Busy parents are our #1 client
  • Front-line workers such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc.
  • Nurses, PSWs, Doctors, and other shift workers
  • Health conscious professionals, especially those with children
  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • Seniors


Call or Text (807) 630 – 3365 or send us an Email at