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Adaptable Intelligence Tests available for youth on Saturday

Northwest Ontario Therapy is offering the standardized aptitude tests on Saturday.
A sample of questions that are asked during a Reynold’s Adaptable Intelligence Test.

THUNDER BAY – A recently opened mental health counselling centre is offering aptitude tests for youth in Thunder Bay.

Northwest Ontario Therapy is hosting a Reynold’s Adaptable Intelligence Test (R.A.I.T.) event on Saturday starting at 10 a.m.

The R.A.I.T. is a standardized aptitude test that is reliable in identifying gifted intelligence and also identifies issues of ADHD in children and adults, in addition to issues of learning disabilities and intellectual delay.

“We can chart the results and know what your brain is doing,” volunteer therapist Chad Beaver said. “We then can give that information to take to your doctor and say ‘Hey, let’s intervene here before it gets too bad.’

“One of the best things that I have found with this test is that it is really reliable in identifying the differences between gifted intelligence and ADHD. I’ve had several families come to me over the years and say, ‘You know, I can’t figure out why my kid can’t sit still or why doesn’t he fit into this square that school falls into.’

“Before they starting saying let’s go for medication, I’m saying ‘Let’s sit down and actually look at this.’ I’ve found that on multiple occasions the kid is actually a lot smarter than he is behavioural.”

The R.A.I.T. tests feature a variety of different questions, which range from the formation and retention of information, problem solving and adaptably skills, and the understanding of mathematical and scientific principles.

The results can be used to offer career suggestions for youth, while anyone scoring in the top two per cent will be assisted by Northwest Ontario Therapy in applying to Mensa Canada.

“We would love to get a Mensa club going in Thunder Bay,” Beaver said. “That’s a big goal for us here and something we’d love to work on over the next year or so.

“The test results also look at several different aspects for careers, as there’s some that are more mechanically suited and others where you get outside of the box and the more creative scale fits you better. It shows what your brain is adapted to and what you would probably find most suitable and find most enjoyable.”

Saturday’s tests start at 10 a.m. at Northwest Ontario Therapy’s location in Suite 202 at 920 Tungsten St.

Those who are unable to attend can contact Beaver to set up a test time at 807-632-7831.

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