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Letter to the Editor: A few questions

Letter writer disillusioned and angry with local health leaders after mother tests positive for COVID-19.
Letters to the editor

To the editor:

Charwell Retirement Residences gets one case of COVID-19, and that is the extent of the outbreak, same as Hogarth-Riverview Manor. Why does the Walford retirement home have 36 cases and growing?

Why does Algoma have two cases on Wednesday and 43 active cases and we have 68 cases and one more death and nearly 400 active cases?

Why did it take one year to proclaim a Section 22 order? Where did they think the infected inmates from the jail were going to go? Did the Thunder Bay District Health Unit think they were going to their camps in Shuniah, or maybe their condo on the waterfront?

My mother has COVID-19, she is 93 years old, she lives at Walford, and cannot leave.

I guess I am disillusioned and angry, as to why this has been allowed to happen.

TBDHU will not answer my blunt and direct questions. What I see from their website is “be kind," “thank you for the lunch," and Dr. DeMille’s smiling confident face.

Will TBDHU stop with the wasted effort, try not to make everyone be kind to them and just do their jobs? If you do your job and get the numbers down to 43 active cases like Sault Ste, Marie then maybe I will bring you lunch.

Look at the Walford’s website, that is what my mother signed up for, not soggy toast and oatmeal that cannot be penetrated with a knife. Nobody should have to pay to be treated like a prisoner. She did not get COVID-19 from an open window. She got it from a staff member coming into her room 10 days after the outbreak. The Walford acts with indignation if you seek any information

While everyone in charge has allowed this to happen, they stand back and act like heroes because they are addressing the situation. It is like a fireman lighting a house on fire, then going to the fire and putting it out and expecting to be called a hero for saving a few survivors.

Bill Dell,
Thunder Bay