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Letter to the Editor: OSPCA's puppy removal

A letter to the editor, After reading the article regarding the OSPCAs removal of 3 dead puppies from the ‘rural farm’ and the accompanying comments, I’m left with more questions than answers.

To the editor: 

After reading the article regarding the OSPCA's removal of three dead puppies from a rural farm and the accompanying comments, I’m left with more questions than answers.

Mainly, why was this allowed to go on for so long?

Nearly every comment mentioned that the place in question had been breeding animals for years, ‘allegedly’ selling sick puppies (many of whom later died), keeping dogs in vehicles and trailers, others tied to chains day and night and in all types of weather, including short haired dogs, with little to no access to food and water.

People commented they felt saddened and sickened at the state of the place when they drove by it, some even drawn to tears. Many indicate they made several calls.

So OSPCA and Humane Society, why did you ignore the cries of the public?

Everyone has seen at least one outside dog in their time – a dog constantly chained or tethered outside left alone with no companionship, entertainment and often without adequate shelter food and water.

Think about the life of such a dog.

The endless loneliness, never-ending boredom, frustration from being isolated and seeing the world pass by, extreme cold and heat from the changing seasons, the exposure to unsanitary conditions produced from having to defecate in close proximity to where food, water and shelter, if any, are provided.

The anxiety and frustration from being constantly tethered also produce destructive and aggressive behavior in dogs, causing many owners to abandon their pet, either to a shelter or by dumping the animal on the streets, contributing to the enormous pet overpopulation.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family pet, remember these dogs. The ones at this farm, allegedly chained up, left out in the cold, rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

The public has witnessed this along with other occurrences on this property and called OSPCA and HS to complain and demand something be done. Our community is being ignored by the very organization that’s supposed to protect our animals.

I understand a protest was held at this farm in the spring. Yet still no response from OSPCA.

Time continued to pass for these animals. More hot summer days and cold nights. More breeding and more puppies.

Had something been done then and had the animals been removed these puppies would still be alive. I’m disgraced and disheartened the OSPCA and Humane Society, organizations I once had faith in, and often donated to, did not protect these animals.

They ignored the pleas of the public to send salvation to these sick, injured and dying animals. They turned a blind eye over, and over, and over, and possibly enabled the deaths of these innocent lives.

If true, those lives are on them.

Yet they had a chance to redeem themselves when they were there recently to investigate. But they did not. So, if three dead puppies were taken from the property, and another later euthanized, what led to their deaths?

And what is your rationale for leaving any animals behind?

The fact that this has allegedly been going on for years says something about our humane society and OSPCA. Those in charge need to be held accountable for this and for the deaths of these animals and the loss of faith from the community.

I sure hope there is an investigation into their practices and behaviour and the way they handled this. The fact this is in the public eye is important.

If people continue to drive by this place and see animals there or hear dogs barking they will know the OSPCA and Humane Society continues to fail them.

They will know not to have faith in you and they will stop donating to you. People, your faith, like mine is should be in the rescues, the ones that never stopped fighting to get this place shut down.

Unfortunately, their fight isn’t over -- yet. 

Andrea Savoie,
Thunder Bay