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Letter to the editor: Supportive community

Last year I have arrived in this beautiful country and had the chance to meet so many beautiful kind-hearted souls.

To the editor:

Last year I arrived in this beautiful country and had the chance to meet so many beautiful kind-hearted souls here which has totally transformed my life and helped me to being a better version of my life! It was a tough thing to live a new country while going school making sure I pay my rent and pay my food cost and buy dress! I went through hard times and I was surprised to get the support I needed from the people who never knew me before from buying my foods to helping me get a job, getting rides for grocery, being supportive as a friend, inviting me to their family event and like treating me as one of their own.

As the winter is coming soon, I will keep trying to do the free shovelling for our seniors in the winter if my body allows me to do so and this thing had given me the chance to meet so many friendly people and given me the chance to know more from their experience!

I want to add my personal opinion about winter challenges with our seniors! I think if any kind people would donate shovelling tools for seniors and the school would count helping seniors shovelling as volunteer hours that might be helpful to anyone who is physically challenged.

Another great news wanted to share with you that we are organizing an event to show our newcomers how welcoming the city is and how amazing the people of the city are in Dec. 28 and given them the chance to have a great festival for those who don't have family or friends here and guess what! The amazing people in the city have supported us and I'm so amazed to see so many business and people are with us and we are expecting a nice event! This reminds me again the nice thing of the city!

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal,
Thunder Bay

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