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Letter to the editor: Thanking our true heroes

I would like to take this time to do publicly what I have been doing in my personal life.
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To the editor:

I would like to take this time to do publicly what I have been doing in my personal life.

As I go for required shopping or taking an infant to emergency room for other medical reasons, I thank all the workers, medical staff, cashiers, security, for just showing up.

It may be their job but they sure aren’t paid to risk there lives in an invisible microscopic way.

This includes police, fire, EMS, all city staff still keeping things running, the transport drivers, the people at the drive-through windows. And all the ones I am failing to mention.

If I could I’d rent billboards and put them at most major intersections with a similar message, Thank You!.

You are appreciated.

I saw this in on Tik Tok and it bears worth repeating, how come the essential worker's list doesn’t include sports stars or actors or movie stars or famous singers.

Because they are sure paid 10 times to 100 times more than most nurses and doctors and cashiers and stock people, who are required to show up.

You are our heroes I hope as this situation evolves and society takes a second breath we come to realize this more and more.

The CEOs with multi-million bonuses aren’t the ones I see driving the city buses, driving the trucks or keeping the cargo moving via rail.

So again to each and every essential worker. You are in our thoughts and prayers, you are our heroes.
Robert Corkum,
Thunder Bay
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