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Letter to the editor: Wearing masks to protect each other

To the editor: It has been several months since the coronavirus began its devastating circulation around the globe.
Letters to the editor
To the editor:

It has been several months since the coronavirus began its devastating circulation around the globe. All of us should be proud of, and very thankful to, our Thunder Bay front line workers who have been doing a fabulous job during this time!
As businesses begin re-opening, we need to remain vigilant to prevent the spread of this virus and to protect ourselves and those around us.  We have sacrificed so much over the past few months and do not want all of our efforts up to this point to have been for nothing.  We need to follow the procedures that have been put in place by our Government.  Adhering to these protocols has become our new normal, something that we have gotten used to.  In the the same way, we can get used to another simple and very effective way to help to mitigate this virus by wearing a mask or face covering over the nose and mouth.
Over 50 countries worldwide have mandatory mask wearing requirements in public places supported by scientists and doctors.  They have implemented this because science has clearly proven that masks prevent droplets from spraying into the air by wind force caused by coughing, sneezing and talking.  When the droplets are inhaled by others this can cause them to become infected with the virus.  People can have the highly infectious Covid-19 but display no symptoms at all.  This is extremely dangerous because taking no precautions around others means that the virus can quickly and easily spread.

Please . . . please . . . everyone wear a mask or face covering when using the City of Thunder Bay transit buses and also while at stores and work places.  Do this not only because of the science that supports its effectiveness but also as a true gesture of respect for the health and well being of our front line workers and everyone else. 

Nobody likes wearing masks but the truth and reality of our current situation is that wearing them saves lives. When a second wave comes, wearing masks may become mandatory here as well. 

You protect others and others protect you.
Peng You,
Councillor at Large
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