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Pullia delivers personal message before Election Day

Former city councillor running for Conservatives in Thunder Bay-Superior North.

To the editor:

A personal message from Frank Pullia

I am Frank Pullia and I am running to be your next Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay - Superior North.

My priorities are to make life more affordable, create jobs, protect health care, social programs and the environment.

The Conservative Party fully costed platform clearly reflects what our citizens are telling us at the door and that is: a balanced approach to a better-run government that follows the rule of law; a better economy that helps unite the country and not divide it; a budget that is responsible in meeting our current needs without leaving a legacy of debt for the next generation; Health care and social programs that are protected to ensure that services are provided in a timely and equitable way that leaves no one behind, and a plan for the environment that helps create jobs at home while respecting people and the earth

We all know that we cannot keep doing things the same way and expect different results. Our citizens now expect more from their elected officials, they expect to be listened to… they expect respect for their tax dollars, and their wishes and aspirations to be fully reflected through their Member of Parliament.

My extensive work in the region, community involvement and 25 years of experience in municipal politics, give me the depth of understanding of the local needs and issues… to bring a value-based approach to Ottawa not only to be your voice but to be your champion and bring positive results to our region for a prosperous future for all.

On October 21, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Thank you!

Frank Pullia
Member of Parliament candidate
Conservative Party of Canada
Thunder Bay - Superior North