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City seeks input on McKellar neighbourhood recreational programming

An Open House will be held Tuesday in the neighbourhood that's losing the Dease outdoor pool.
Dease Pool 2011
Swimmers enjoy the summer weather at Dease Pool in this Tbnewswatch file photo

THUNDER BAY — The city's Community Services department is looking for recreational and cultural programming ideas from residents of the McKellar neighbourhood, an area that includes the Dease pool.

City council recently approved the closure of the pool, but a city official says plans were already in place to consult residents on new programming options before that decision was made.

However, Donna Perrault, Supervisor of Aquatics & Wellness, Children & Youth, noted that the pool shutdown was accompanied by a decision to consider additional year-round programming for the affected area. 

According to Perrault, the McKellar neighbourhood is considered to include the Dease, Simpson and Ogden Street areas.

An open house is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Fort William Gardens.

Perrault described the meeting as a "blue sky" session where residents are invited to present any ideas about opportunities that aren't currently available.

Kelly Robertson, General Manager of Community Services, said the city is "looking to connect with residents and find out what types of opportunities would resonate with them...We can tailor activities to the needs and interests of those who live there."