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Fire at Dryden long-term care facility

Princess Court incident reported to Office of the Fire Marshall
Dryden Fire Service 2

DRYDEN, Ont. -- The Dryden Fire Service says staff at a local long term care facility followed the fire safety plan appropriately when a fire broke out late Sunday evening.

Nine Dryden firefighters arrived at the 97-bed Princess Court facility at 10:30 PM to find a charred pile of debris in a resident's room. Nursing staff had already extinguished the blaze.

Firefighters removed the debris and ventilated the smoke out of that part of the building.

In a news release Monday, the fire service did not disclose the suspected cause of the fire.

However, the incident has been reported to the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management for investigation.

Dryden Fire Chief Ryan Murrell said "Staff at Princes Court did a remarkable job of extinguishing the fire, and followed their fire safety plan to ensure safety of these individuals inside."