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Illegal hunting leads to $7,000 in fines

Hunter fired while two people were between him and a moose
bull moose adobestock_93928765 2017
(file photo)

THUNDER BAY—A court case resulting from an incident nearly four years ago has ended with the conviction of two men charged with hunting-related offences.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) says the case dates back to September, 2014 when the pair was hunting moose on the Pikitigushi Road near Armstrong.

While they were driving, they saw a bull moose on the road and stopped their pickup truck. One of the hunters then got out and fired two shots at the moose while there were two other men in a vehicle on the roadway between him and the animal.

Conservation officers arrived on the scene as the hunters were retrieving the moose carcass. 

One of them, a Quebec resident, was convicted this month of possessing an illegally killed moose. He was fined $2,000 and banned from hunting in Ontario for two years.

In a court appearance in November, 2017, his hunting partner was fined $5,000 for careless hunting and banned from hunting for five years.

An MNRF news release did not provide details as to why it took so unusually long to complete the court proceedings.