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Kenora dog gets celebrity status but no jail time

Photo of dog in police "custody" goes viral

KENORA — Judging from a photo, a dog named Finn looked to be headed for the lockup in Kenora over the weekend.

The picture, widely circulated on social media, shows Finn peering between bars through a window in the back seat of an Ontario Provincial Police vehicle.

As it turned out, the dog was not arrested but was in the process of being returned to his owner after police rounded him up on Saturday.

OPP constable Ronni Grosenick said police responded after receiving a complaint about a dog pursuing a deer on a road. They were able to retrieve the dog, and tracked down his owner's family through the telephone number on his tag

Grosenick said 6-year-old Finn had escaped while he was being taken for a walk. 

"There was no injured deer," she emphasized, adding "there's no charges."

Grosenick said some of the social media chatter "kind of implied that we had 'arrested' this dog for chasing a deer, but no, he was a loose dog and he was obviously a sweet dog. It wasn't a lockup. It was a case of keeping the dog safe until its owners could be located."

Finn's owner, Emme Thompson, told Tbnewswatch she and her family were initially worried that he might be put down for chasing a deer, but determined later than in the worse case scenario they might get a fine. "We haven't heard anything so we likely got off with just a warning," Thompson said.

"We're all amazed with how much attention this is getting. I'm also really happy that the majority of the responses are positive. I've received hundreds of messages from people asking me how Finn is, from all over the world. He is just fine, by the way," she said.