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LETTER: Finally a new commercial vehicle inspection station near Shuniah

As a safety professional, I am utterly pleased as well because this is a start - yes , a start.

To the editor, 

In the article about the new commercial vehicle inspection station, it mentions a cost of $30 million to build, that there are 34 inspection stations in Ontario, and that motor vehicles are subjected to mandatory -- yes, mandatory roadside inspections -- how interesting!

There was increased enforcement in 2023 for highways 17 (11,144 and 101 -- my backyard).

Wendy Landry, Shuniah's mayor, was very pleased about the new facility. In my past letters, I have been in contact with Wendy and she said she was going to see that the transport situation attains full attention about the past and recent transport incidents in and around her area. Another mayor - Sheila Maxwell - Conmee's mayor was also pleased about the new facility. 

As a safety professional, I am utterly pleased as well because this is a start -- yes, a start.

However, I have some concerns regarding the other inspection stations and enforcement:

  1. Are the other stations going to be operating at full capacity or on a part time basis?
  2. Is this government going to hire more recruits or wait until a new government comes into power?
  3. Highways 11,17,144 and 101 were mentioned but there was no mention of future facilities such as the one in Shuniah, in such places as North Bay, New Liskeard, Cochrane, Hearst, Sault Ste. Marie or the Artic Water Shed rest area on Hwy - 144 (south of Gogama). I mention this because these municipalities are ideal locations for checking transports before they venture out on the highways into no man's land. It seems only proper to inspect a commercial vehicle in town than on a major highway which could cause time delays.

Finally, I find it disturbing that the Transport Association president and the MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North - Lise Vaugeois (in her past letters, she seemed very concerned about the safety of our roadways) had no mention of this facility and what it means to those travelling these roadways - myself included.

Again, I am thrilled that this new facility (actually when I passed by it last November, I thought it was just another gas station) is in operation and hopefully things regarding highway safety will improve because after all, as an Ontarian, my tax dollars did contribute to such an awesome facility!


Thank you,

Gary Kader 
Timmins, Ont.


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