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Letter to the Editor: Exercise patience with re-opening plan

We've endured the worst of COVID-19, what's a few more months until the vaccines are administered?
Letters to the editor
To the editor:
Why am I hearing constantly how the re-opening plan is underway. I hate what all of us have been enduring during this pandemic. But people, that is exactly what it is, a pandemic, an unprecedented situation such as the world has ever seen.
I feel horrible for the business community, it has to be tragic for them.
But as the health experts continue to tell us how much worse the third wave is going to be compared to the first two, we are still talking about the reopening. What happens to the small business if they start up and have to shutter the doors again within days?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. We sat and watched as they waited until after Christmas to lock us down so everyone could get together one more time and get those numbers up even higher. Then as the numbers finally get to a manageable level after the Christmas fiasco spike, we decided to reopen just as we were warned about the second wave coming, and how much worse it was going to be.

The numbers in Thunder Bay went off the charts, until then we were pretty much the model of Ontario community in crisis. As numbers are starting to come down a little, not much but a little. We are now reopening up everything again. Please people, we have endured this for over a year already, what's a few more weeks?

Let's be smart about this, we are heading for another total lockdown.

The numbers don't lie. Our hospital is already overwhelmed and the health-care workers are burned out, to the extent that we are flying patients south and we are flying in doctors and nurses north to help with the burnout.

The vaccines are coming, please let us just sit tight a little longer. We are all yearning for everything to get back to normal. I believe it's just around the corner if we just take it slow.
Alex Cryderman,
Thunder Bay