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Letter to the editor: Liberal candidate says better is always possible

Marcus Powlowski, running in Thunder Bay-Rainy River, says he will make the case Northwestern Ontario deserves special attention from Ottawa decision-makers.
Marcus Powlowski
Marcus Powlowski was named the candidate for the Liberal Party in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding following the final vote on Monday in Thunder Bay. (Photo by Doug Diaczuk -

To the editor:

As a doctor in Thunder Bay Regional’s emergency department, I see first hand how governments can fail some of us. In my current job I certainly help people, but I feel that I can do even more to make lives better all-round.

That’s why I think my background makes me a good candidate for Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.

I have practiced medicine in remote First Nations in Canada, Africa, and the South Pacific. I also have law degrees from the University of Toronto (LL.B) and Georgetown University in Washington (LL.M). I completed a Masters degree in health policy and law from Harvard. I have developed health law and policy for the World Health Organization and advised a number of governments on their health laws. I’ve lectured at the University of San Francisco and at Lakehead University.

For all the advanced degrees, though, I still consider myself just a regular guy from Westfort and Kaministiquia. Like a lot of you, I have a hockey net in my driveway. My grandmother ran Annie’s Confectionary on East Brock Street in Westfort. My parents were the founders and owners of Strawberry Hill Pottery.

I am proud to have grown up here and to call Thunder Bay my home town. As a father of five children, I want to make sure my kids have a clean planet, can live in a sustainable economy and find meaningful employment here.

I will make the case that Northwestern Ontario needs special attention from Ottawa decision-makers who sometimes have a hard time finding us on a map.

I have seen some great things done for our region over the past four years of this Liberal government from investments in wood fibre research, $6 million for Thunder Bay Transit, money for Keefer terminal and more.

Still, in the words of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, better is always possible.

Canada is a rich and great country. However, people do not always have the same opportunity to make successful lives. I believe I have the skills to advocate for a fairer, healthier, stronger, and more prosperous Northwestern Ontario.

Elections have consequences. Consider all of the choices. I feel confident that with my background I am the best qualified candidate to represent Thunder Bay-Rainy River.

To find out more about me, I invite you to check out my Facebook page.

Marcus Powlowski,
Liberal candidate, 
Thunder Bay-Rainy River

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