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Local brewery supporting California fire relief

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. brews up Resilience for California fire relief and supports industry leader.

THUNDER BAY - Thunder Bay’s Sleeping Giant Brewing Company is joining over 1,400 breweries in the United States and Canada, in an effort to raise funds for the relief of Northern California’s Camp Fire. The Ontario brewery is a part of a collaborative fundraising effort that was launched by Sierra Nevada Brewery.

The Camp Fire, which started in the hills above Sierra Nevada’s Chico brewery last month, was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. The company has invited breweries all across the continent, to brew its ‘Resilience IPA’ and donate sales to the Relief Fund.

“It was an easy decision to rally together and support the Relief Fund and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. A call for help from them, really can’t go unanswered—They are an icon in the industry, as one of the original craft breweries that influenced home brewers and craft brewers alike to take grains and hops and make flavourful beer,” explains Sleeping Giant Brewing Company Head Brewer and Co-owner, Kyle Mulligan.

“Sierra Nevada Brewing continues to be stewards of the industry with its social and environmental actions. Sleeping Giant Brewing Company is happy to support its team and efforts to help the thousands and thousands of families, including many of the brewery’s very own employees.”

Mulligan visited the Chico brewery years ago, and to this day is still impressed by its efforts to cut down on its environmental footprint.

‘Resilience’ is a West Coast IPA brewed with Superior Pale Ale malt and Crystal 60. The brew will be available at the Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. storefront and taproom starting Dec. 28th, with all dollars raised being donated to the cause.

Canada Malt and Country Malt Group generously donated the malt for the brew. The large-scale fundraising effort has the potential to raise more than $15 million nationwide for direct Camp Fire relief.

“We are so grateful to the breweries, the suppliers, the wholesalers and retailers who have so graciously donated their time and resources to make this happen,” says Sierra Nevada founder and owner Ken Grossman. “With their help- and the help of drinkers everywhere- we’ll be able to make a lasting and impactful difference in the lives of those impacted by this terrible tragedy.”