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Melting snow could reveal more discarded needles

The Superior Points Harm Reduction program is advising the public to take precautions as they are anticipating more discarded needles to be found as the snow melts.

THUNDER BAY - The melting snow as a result of warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast could reveal hidden health hazards.

The Superior Points Harm Reduction program with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit is anticipating increased reports of needles that have been discarded during the winter months.

The Health Unit says the health risk is very low, but it is advising the public to take appropriate precautions if discarded needles are found.

The public is advised to contact Superior Points to come pick up a needle if found. Needle clean-up kits are also available from the Health Unit.

According to the Health Unit, discarded needles can be handled safely when using the following methods: pick up needles carefully while wearing gloves or using tongs; stay as far away as possible from the sharp end and do not attempt to put the cap back on; put the needle in a hard plastic container and seal it tightly; call Superior Points to pick up the needle or dispose of the container in any yellow needle collection bin.

Superior Points can be reached at 807-621-7861 or 807-621-7862 Monday through Friday. For more information, visit