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UPDATED: Physician enters race for Thunder Bay-Rainy River Liberal nomination

Dr. Marcus Powlowski is the latest in a growing field of candidates.
Marcus Powloski

THUNDER BAY — After working for years as a medical doctor, Marcus Powlowski is looking to move into federal politics.

Powlowski is seeking the Liberal party's nomination for Thunder Bay-Rainy River in what is shaping up to be a crowded field.

At this point, the Thunder Bay-born man's entry makes it potentially a six-person competition.

Elementary school principal Christy Radbourne and city councillor Shelby Ch'ng have already declared their intentions, businessman David Bruno has indicated he wants to enter the race, and two as-yet unnamed individuals have approached the Liberal riding association to express interest.

In addition to being an MD, Powlowski holds a law degree from the University of Toronto.

He currently works in the emergency department at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, and has practised medicine for two years in northern First Nations and for seven years in developing countries.

In announcing his candidacy, Powlowski said he believes his "breadth of education and life experience" allows him "an unindoctrinated, and fresh, perspective on the issues affecting the people of Thunder Bay." 

No date has been announced as yet for the Thunder Bay-Rainy River nomination meeting, but an official said it could take place in mid-June.

Under Liberal party rules, a national Green Light Committee must screen all potential candidates to conduct background checks and assess their suitability.