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Port Arthur Rotary announces community donations

Nine community organizations received a donation earlier this week.
The Port Arthur Rotary Club, during their weekly ZOOM meeting this week, provided a total of $9,600.00 to nine community organizations. 

THUNDER BAY -- The Port Arthur Rotary Club, during their weekly ZOOM meeting, provided a total of $9,600.00 to nine community organizations.  According to Allocations Chair Kevin Holloway, “we try to provide seed money to get worthy projects up and running favouring projects for youth, elderly, health-care, the environment and community projects that benefit a large number of residents of Thunder Bay.”
Port Arthur Rotary Community Services Chair Steve McAuley added “the monetary awards for these nine worthy community recipients are derived from fundraising projects undertaken by the Port Arthur Rotary Club which include Rotary Radio Day.”
Representatives of each organization gave an overview of the specific project that was funded.
Attending the meeting:
1. Underground Gym and Youth Centre
Peter Panetta
2. Canadian Children’s Asthma Society
Claudio Monteleone & Kim Coreau
3. Childcan (Childhood Cancer)
Kathleen Barnard
4. United Way of Thunder Bay
    ‘Facing Forward Mask Initiative’
Albert Brule
5. LU Scholarship
Mark Tilbury
6. Thunder Bay Robotics
Kai Fucile Ladouceur and Jaden Niivila
7. Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair
Brieanne Olibris
8. Eco Superior
Sue Hamel
9. Beautification of Thunder Bay Project
Committee with Various PA Rotarians
Descriptions of the Allocations made:
  1. Underground Gym and Youth Centre - (Peter Panetta) Provide Gym Equipment such as workout equipment - previous equipment was destroyed in the fire.
  2. Canadian Children’s Asthma Society (Claudio Monteleone and Kim Coreau) Asthma Education Program.  Support requested for resource packages for classroom presentations on asthma to local school children - age 7-9. Hope to visit 50 classrooms (about 1750 children) (When allowed due to pandemic)
  3. Childcan (Childhood Cancer) (Kathleen Barnard) Early Literacy Project for Children with cancer.  Support for mailing costs of one book per month for the 3 children in NW Ontario. Childcan has a partnership with Dolly Parton Imagination Library.
  4. United Way of Thunder Bay ‘Facing Forward Mask Initiative’ (Albert Brule) This project will help underwrite the cost of providing reusable masks to vulnerable community members to help reduce risk of wider community spread. Funds donated will be used to purchase and distribute reusable masks.
  5. Lakehead University Scholarship (Mark Tilbury), Lakehead University Silver Jubilee Scholarship Top Up– an award to a high ranking student entering Lakehead University in any program.  Funds to top up the amount.
  6. Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair, (Brieanne Olibris) , Funds typically support 2 Rotary-sponsored awards as well as the general operation of the science Fair. The awards are Rotary Preserve Planet Earth Award and Peace & Sustainable Development Award. Our funds also support the bids for 5 students to compete at the Canada-Wide Science Festival, and purchasing the materials for the Science Olympics – a group science challenge activity for the participants of the non-competitive Beginner fair. The Gold level of support ($500) has been the traditional level of support by our club.  For 2021, the local contest will be virtual, but the national contest may be in person. 
  7. Thunder Bay Robotics, (Kai Fucile Ladouceur and Jaden Niivila) Funds to purchase robotic equipment to be used to prepare students for next years to STEAM competition (STEAM fields are defined science, and technology, interpreted through engineering, and the (liberal) arts, and based in mathematics)
  8. Eco Superior, (Sue Hamel) Three Projects funded: a) Eco Superior would offer Re-Wilding for Wellness Forest Therapy Walks for 3 small groups of youth or front line workers, in the Spring of 2021; b) Beautify Eco Superior 562 Red River, support for a local artist to paint a mural on their building; and c) Initiate a Paper straws project. donate to local restaurants, to support their transition out of using single use plastic straws.
  9. Beautification of Thunder Bay, Project Rotarians: Mary-Ann Mackett, Jim Madder, Brenda Winter, Bill Green, Shelley Crawford To work with the city planner – identify 5 spots that Rotary could assist in beautifying.
For more information, please go to or or contact Allocations Chair Kevin Holloway, Port Arthur Rotary (cell:628-2818;