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Public forum looks at Emerald Ash Borer infestation

A public forum was held to educate the public on how to identify signs of infestation.
The emerald ash borer attacks only ash trees. (

THUNDER BAY -- As the threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer grows, several groups, including the city of Thunder Bay, are taking steps to combat the invasive species.

A public forum was held at Lakehead University this past week, featuring scientists and companies that are researching ways to contain the pest.

City residents came out to learn how to identify the signs of an infestation and what they can do to prevent the spread.

Invasive Species Centre project manager Taylor Wright said the bug was detected in the province 15 years ago and there has been an incredible amount of research into how to manage the pest.

“Anybody within Thunder Bay or the surrounding area that wants to learn about the insects, what the city is doing and what research has been done there’s all sorts of great information available,” Wright said.

“We have resources that can be taken home and digital resources that we can refer to, so it’s just a great opportunity for anybody interested in learning more and speaking with any of the experts we have.”

Wright said currently there is a quarantine around Thunder Bay, meaning wood from ash trees cannot be moved within city limits.

City council has committed half a million dollars in this year's budget to treat hundreds of local ash trees, and protect them from the insect.

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