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Remote Area Border Crossing program suspended in NW Ontario

The program allows permit holders into Canada without reporting to a Port of Entry.
northwestern Ontario lake
Rainy Lake (International Joint Commission photo)

OTTAWA — The Canada Border Services Agency has announced the temporary suspension of the Remote Area Border Crossing Program.

It's in conjunction with the federal government's measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.

The remote crossing program is only available in parts of northwestern Ontario and southeastern Manitoba, as well as two other Ontario locations.

It facilitates the border clearance process for people wishing to enter Canada from the United States, without reporting to a Port of Entry, in the following areas:

  • from Pigeon River through to and including Lake of the Woods
  • the Canadian shore of Lake Superior
  • Northwest Angle area
  • Emerson, Manitoba

CBSA said the suspension will remain in effect until Canadian travel restrictions are lifted.

In the interim, travellers cannot use a Remote Area Border Crossing permit to enter the country, and no new applications for a permit will be accepted.

Individuals who believe their reason for travel meets the requirements for an exemption must report to an open port of entry to enter Canada, such as Pigeon River.

Normally, citizens and permanent residents of Canada and the U.S. are eligible to apply for a permit for a fee of $30.