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Rural roads

Dusty rural roads led city council to look for answers after a deputation Monday night.

Dusty rural roads led city council to look for answers after a deputation Monday night.

Joyce Pedri came to city hall representing residents of Government Road west of Mapleward Road saying that the conditions of the road have been unbearable this year.

While the city has graded the gravel road several times, dust suppressant has only been laid down once. People have had to stay in their homes with the windows closed because of the dust from vehicles. Those who do go near the road have been hit by flying rocks.

It's also damaged vehicles. Pedri herself has had to repair the windshield of her car three times in the past year. It's also causing visibility issues, disputes between neighbours and isolating the people in the area from each other she said.

"That road is our community,” she said.

Coun. Trevor Giertuga said people on the road have been promised since amalgamation that it would be paved but that hasn't happened. With a majority of the city's 200 kilometres of gravel roads in his MacIntyre ward, Giertuga said it's now at the point where people call him to get the roads maintained because the work will get done much faster than if a member of the public complains to the roads department.

"I'm not sure if there are two different lists," he said.

Government Road has seen homes go from 12 to 45 since the Pedri's moved there 34 years ago. Those homes have added more to the city's tax base but the area hasn't seen any increase in services Giertuga said.

Coun. Mark Bentz also wanted to know why some parts of the road are paved while others remain gravel.

"I think it's certainly something we need to put our minds to," he said.

Council will receive a report on the city's gravel roads during the first quarter of next year.


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