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The show must go on and so must the former Lyceum Theatre the city says.

The show must go on and so must the former Lyceum Theatre the city says.

A demolition order posted on its window and on its last legs just last week, the 103-year-old building has been given new life thanks to an engineering report that states it's still structurally sound.

About a third of the roof will need to be patched to stop water from leaking into the building, which is causing severe mold issues and becoming a nuisance for its neighbours. 

"Once we stop the water from coming in the rest can be cleaned up. Inside it's a terrible mess in terms of mold and things like that but that can be cleaned up," Coun. Larry Hebert said. "You probably couldn't' go in without a hazmat suit right now."

The repair and cleanup order will be given to the building's owner but it's unlikely that they will comply.

"They've made tremendous efforts to try and get a hold of him," Hebert said.

So the work would fall to the city.

Any money put in would be added to the outstanding taxes on the Lyceum and would be recouped once it was sold development services manager Mark Smith said. Back taxes on the building are currently $95,038. An engineering report more than a year ago said the building would need to be demolished within a year.

But a new one showed that the building hadn't deteriorated as quickly as the original report thought. Demolishing it is still an option but it isn't necessary anymore. Cleaning it up keeps an asset around, which is a good thing Smith said.

With a proposed event centre moving in across the street, the building could become prime real estate Hebert said.
If no contact is made from the owner, the city could sell the building in about a year.