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SCAM ALERT: Internet phishing scam uses Microsoft as lure

City police are warning public of a recent computer scam.
scam alert
Scam alert! (via Shutterstock)

The Thunder Bay Police Service has become aware of a recent computer scam that led to at least one resident being defrauded of more than $9,000USD.

In this case the victim was browsing a retail website when a popup advertisement advised the user that there was a problem with their computer and they needed to contact Microsoft for assistance.

The victim used the phone number provided by the advertisement and was eventually defrauded of about $9,500USD. An investigation revealed the money went overseas, and now the victim is receiving an increase in scam phone calls from various countries.

The Thunder Bay Police Service would like to remind residents to be skeptical of any unsolicited phone calls, emails, pop-up advertisements or home visits by any organization, financial or government institution.

You have the right to hang up the phone, delete emails and text messages, close pop-up ads or close your door. If you believe a suspicious claim might be legitimate, independently find the organization’s contact information and contact them. Never use the contact information provided by the suspicious source.

Please take time to talk to family and friends who may be more vulnerable targets of fraud.

For more information about protecting yourself from such scams please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (