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Smoke from U.S. west coast fires reaches NW Ontario

Environment Canada says it may be most noticeable when the sun rises and sets

THUNDER BAY — The forest fires ravaging the states of California, Oregon and Washington may make the rising and setting of the sun a little different in Northwestern Ontario on certain days.

Smoke from the massive fires has drifted thousands of kilometres across North America, reaching as far as Quebec.

Environment Canada meteorologist Peter Kimball says the sun can take on a red tinge in the early morning and evening.

In southern Ontario on Tuesday, Kimball said, there were numerous reports of a hazy sky caused by lingering smoke particles that have not yet settled.

He's skeptical about the prospects of smoke dropping low enough around Thunder Bay for residents to be able to smell it at this point.

"By the time the smoke particles have made their way to Ontario, the larger particles have settled out, and so all we have left are very small particles high up in the atmosphere. They are not affecting air quality," Kimball said. 

An air quality advisory has been in effect in the Vancouver area for the past eight days, due to ground-level smoke from the U.S. fires.