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Sure-fire winner of a show

Cowboys and gals, leave your rhinestones at home.
Mama's record collection
Mama’s Country Record Collection (Supplied photo)

THUNDER BAY -- Cowboys and gals, leave your rhinestones at home. This show is the real deal.

Whether you grew up on country music (I didn’t), don’t matter.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout Mama’s Country Record Collection, spinnin’ memories live-on-stage at Magnus Theatre these days. Also about emotions that don’t die, no matter your background or age.

Written and produced by Thom Currie, this sure-fire winner of a show is performed by Thunder Bay’s Danny Johnson-and-band together with east coast guest Robyn Harrison. Robyn may have grown up beside the Atlantic, but right now she graces Lake Superior’s north shore stage, and we’re glad for it. The musical chemistry between Robyn and Danny is something to behold. As is the musical choreography of this show: one song into the next; sometimes overlapping.

Something like the waves of a big lake; or an ocean.

I’m sure our Sleeping Giant would agree: you don’t want to miss this terrific kaleidoscope of musical talent, and/or memories. Or, emotions.

And as said, if you didn’t grow up on country music, it doesn’t matter. Go see and hear Mama’s Country Record Collection. No regrets, guaranteed.