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Thunder Bay man loses bid for return of exotic animals

The Animal Care Review Board ruled the applicant missed the filing deadline

THUNDER BAY — The Ontario Animal Care Review Board has rejected a Thunder Bay man's application for the return of some exotic animals that were removed from a local residence by the OSPCA in March.

On March 27, Thunder Bay & District Humane Society agents, acting on behalf of the OSPCA, executed a warrant and—according to the society—found a variety of animals including reptiles, other wildlife species and domestic pet species inside the home.

Several exotic animals were removed on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

The OSPCA stated that it was also receiving guidance from exotic animal experts.

In addition to the removal, the agency issued a compliance order to the owner requiring him to take his dog to a vet.

Subsequently, another order was issued requiring him to clean the area where several smaller animals were housed.

Early this month, the man filed an appeal seeking to overturn the removal and compliance orders.

According to the transcript of the Animal Care Review Board's recent hearing, on April 18 the OSPCA returned to the property for an inspection, but was denied entry.

The man told the board the OSPCA had "behaved unreasonably" during its visits, and had started serving him with notices for the boarding costs of the removed animals.

The review board rejected his appeal because he had missed the statutory deadline by one month.

The man had sought an extension of the deadline on the grounds the OSPCA had not advised him of his right to appeal.

However, the board noted that his right to appeal and how to exercise it is printed on the back of all the orders he received.

On Tuesday, the OSPCA  told that "all animals involved are receiving the care required to ensure their well being."

However, a spokesperson declined to provide any information about the status of the investigation, saying the situation is ongoing.




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